A Night with the Machine...

It was such a huge honor to share the stage with Bert "the Machine" Kreischer.  I got to hang out with Bert for the better part of 2 days while he was in town and if you're a fan of his podcast and wonder, "Hey, is Bert this cool and genuine in person", I can emphatically say yes.  We went to Wendy's after the show and he bought $60 worth of cheeseburgers, we each ate one and then we went to the bar and every person he met, he would ask, "You want a cheeseburger?" and then pull out a cheeseburger from his vest. 

He put on a hell of a show and I learned a lot from him.  He was really impressed and supportive of the efforts of Comedians NWA to bring Comedy to the area and he was really overwhelmed by the love he got from his fans after the show.  So I think it's safe to say, that's not the last time we'll see the Machine in NWA.

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