I'm a walking cliche...

What ever happened to the Oddly Proportioned Podcast?  That's actually a question I've been asked way, way more than I would've imagined, so I'll answer it here.  It's dead... at least for now.  I really, really loved doing the podcast, it was so much fun, but ultimately I just live to far out in the middle of nowhere and it was a struggle to find time and a place to record every week.

So another no-name comic with a dead podcast.  Really original, I know...

But with that bad news comes two bits of great news!

1. If you liked the OPP, you'll love Trash Blood hosted by Zac Slusher!  Trash Blood has been going for awhile now and just keeps getting better.  Zac talks with Comedians NWA members and also some of the amazing comics we bring into NWA from all over the country.  So check out Trash Blood on your favorite podcast app!

2. I am working on a super secret project that I'm hoping to have out in 2019.  It will be a podcast series with a new 6-8 episode season dropping every year.  I'm very excited about it and I think you all will love it.

As far as Stand-Up,  I just got to Feature for one of my favorite comics and co-host of the Boogie Monster Podcast, Dave Stone!  It was a blast and it was good to get onstage at NWA's beautiful new Comedy Club, The Grove!  

My Monthly Stand-Up Show, The Stand-Up/Stay-Up Comedy Show, has now been rolling strong for 18 months at Black Apple Crossing in Springdale.  We've had so many great comics and at-capacity crowds every month, so we've decided to make it a Weekly Show!  So starting in July, every Saturday Night we will have a great show in a great venue right here in NWA.

I will be hitting the road quite a bit this fall and winter, so keep your eyes open for new dates dropping soon.

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