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Summer Slow-Down 

It's been awhile since I've checked in.  A lot of exciting things have happened in 2017.  I've got to work with 2 of my favorite comics, Dave Stone and Ben Kronberg.  I've got my own show now at Black Apple Crossing in Springdale that's been amazing so far.  We've got new venues we're doing shows and open mics in.  It's a great time to be a part of Comedians NWA!

However, as most of you know, my day job is very seasonal.  The Spring and Summer make it next to impossible for me to find time to do much besides…Read more

The Oddly Proportioned Podcast 

The Oddly Proportioned Podcast is up and going!

Oddly Proportioned is going to feature comedians, creative minds and just otherwise interesting people from all over.  The goal of Oddly Proportioned will not be to reinvent the wheel when it comes to podcasting.. there's no theme, there's no agenda, it's just going to be Stetson sitting down with really interesting people and getting to know their stories. 

To listen, click the "Podcast" link in the menu to listen on here, or listen on your favorite apps:

SoundC…Read more