Episode 12 - Ben Kronberg  

A very special episode of The Oddly Proportioned Podcast as host Stetson Banks gets to visit with the one and only Ben Kronberg.  This episode is a little different as I wanted to soak up as much knowledge as I could and if you're someone who's really interested in Stand-Up you're going to enjoy as much as I did.  Special thanks to Christopher Ray, the manager of the Blue Room Comedy Club in Springfield, Mo for jumping on with us.

Episode 11 - Meghan Welch, Spencer Hicks and Stef Bright  

An all new episode with a whole house full of great guest as host Stetson Banks sits down with Meghan Welch out of Wichita, Ks, Spencer Hicks out of OKC and fellow Comedians NWA member Stef Bright and they hit on topics including awkward roller coaster rides, the dangers of motorcycles, two very different experiences with Dave Chapelle, open mic creeps, comedy condos, beer pouring skills, doing political humor in the south, even more Casa Bonita talk, dealing with telemarketers and much more.

Episode 10 - Brittany Ann Daniels, Colin Nelson and Ray Porter  

This week, host Stetson Banks sits down with fellow Comedians NWA members Brittany Ann Daniels, Colin Nelson and Ray Porter to talk about Dennis Rodman, Weekend at Bernie-ing people, a Disable-off, Pet Falcons, a surprise visit from the legendary Dr. Phil, "Ernest Goes Gay", exposing the bigotry of Teletubbies, Band Names, Rascal Flatts Breakfast Philosophy, Tasteful Tramp Stamps and much, much more.

Episode 9 - Caroline Ezell, Kaia Hodo and Stephanie Cross  

This week, host Stetson Banks has an all ladies review as Caroline Ezell, Kaia Hodo and Stephanie Grace Cross drop by to discuss comedy and life in general.  Topics pesky southern accents, tourist death traps, animosity towards cheerleaders, embarrassing email addresses, fond trips to Casa Benita, the 55 year old millennial, aggregators, more animosity towards cheerleaders, losing materials to memes, (roommate interruptions), bad eyesight causing hate speech, Stephanie's psychic crowdwork, normalizing UTI's and a laugh fart to cap things off.

Episode 8 - Caroline Ezell and Chad Chamberlain  

This week, Oddly Proportioned returns from a brief hiatus with guests Caroline Ezell and Chad Chamberlain joining host Stetson Banks.  This episode comes hot out the gates breaking a law, comparing Caroline's velvety southern voice to that of Nicole Kidman in "Devil's Advocate" (yes, I know, it's actually Charlize Theron), waking up in strange places on the road, prom stories, destroying buffets, NASA's influence on astrology, Furbys, the King Cake Baby and the most metal way to solve horse rigor mortis.

Episode 5 - Thom Gray, Zac Slusher and Colin Nelson  

Host Stetson Banks heads to Springfield, Mo with fellow Comedians NWA Members Zac Slusher and Colin Nelson for a weekend at the Blue Room Comedy Club.  While there, they caught up with some of their favorite Springfield comics.  The first episode features the oh-so-adorable Thom Gray and topics include what food most Thom most looks like, Duck Tales Theme song remixes, the greatest episode of "Home Improvement" to never air and the pipeline controversy.

Episode 4 - Travis Smith and Stephanie Cross  

The "Oddly Proportioned Podcast" collides with the "Making a Scene" podcast in a special crossover episode.  Stetson sits down with host of "Making a Scene", Travis Smith, to talk about all things local entertainment.  They're joined by comedian Stephanie Cross who's one of the newest members of Comedians NWA.

There's lot's of food talk in this one, along with stories from the road, arguments over who's more disgusting, Roy Orbison's dog and more food talk... (seriously, so much food talk).